Privacy policy

The privacy of my app’s users is very important to me. Which is why no data is collected or stored externally. PULSALARM does not feature user tracking. There are no advertising plugins and no third-party codes.

Integration of the Apple HealthKit
To be able to display your current pulse, PULSALARM reads data from the Apple HealthKit database. No data from PULSALARM is transmitted to the Apple HealthKit database. PULSALARM cannot read any data from the Apple HealthKit database unless you give your explicit permission to access the data when you install the app on your Apple Watch.

The protection of the data that you provide in the PULSALARM app (gender and age for determining your maximum heart rate), which is stored on your iPhone within the PULSALARM app, is your responsibility alone. For the correct use of the PULSALARM app, the entry of your gender and age are, however, not necessary. Please refer to the instructions for your device to find out how you can manage locally stored data and how you can apply the suitable security controls on your device to protect your information.

PULSALARM does not collect any information. Just have fun using your PULSALARM!